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Advanced Management of Neurological and Neurosurgical Emergencies and Critical Care


Friday, September 22, 2023

SESSION ONE – Neurosurgery and Intervention
8:00 am Conquering the Wide-Neck Brain Aneurysms with Newer Devices
Sudipta (Sid) Roychowdhury, MD
8:20 am Intervention for Acute Carotid Artery Tandem Lesions
Srihari (Sri) Sundararajan, MD
8:40 am Middle Meningeal Artery Embolization for Subdural Hematoma
Gaurav Gupta, MD
9:00 am Brain Aneurysm Surgery: Welcome to 2023
P. Roc Chen, MD
9:20 am Thrombectomy for 6 to 24 Hours after Stroke Due to Basilar Artery Occlusion
Tudor G. Jovin, MD


SESSION TWO – Comprehensive Stroke Care
10:25 am Intervention for Large Core: When to Really Do It
Igor Rybinnik, MD
10:45 am ICH Management: Blood Pressure and Coagulopathy
Tiffany Chang, MD
11:05 am Wake-up Stroke, PRISMS, SELECT-2 and TIMELESS
Deviyani Mehta, MD


SESSION THREE – Special Lectures
12:50 pm Direct Transfer to Angiosuite Triage Strategy
Tudor G. Jovin, MD
1:20 pm Arteriovenous Malformation: Opening Up the Pandora’s Box
P. Roc Chen, MD


SESSION FOUR – Critical Care Medicine for Neuro Patients
2:45 pm Shock State Management: Get to the Basics
Roger C. Cheng, MD
3:05 pm Rising Belly: What to Do with These Abdominal Distention
Joseph S. Hanna, MD, PhD
3:25 pm Thromboelastography for Bleeding Patients
Tiffany R. Chang, MD
3:45 pm State-of-the-Art TBI Resuscitation: Pressure, Oxygen and Predictors
Kiwon Lee, MD


SESSION FIVE – Expert Medical Crossfire Debates: Hot Topics in Neurocritical Care
4:40 pm Debate 1: Are We Really Going to Do Mechanical Thrombectomy of ASPECTS Less Than 6?
Yes: Bhavika Kakadia, MD
No: Ram C. Gowda, MD
5:00 pm Debate 2: Patient is Having Flow Failure Induced L MCA Syndrome Due to Complete Occlusion of LICA but Open L M1. Do You Do Emergent Angioplasty and Stenting?
Yes: Emad Nourollah-Zadeh, MD
No: Igor Rybinnik, MD