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All credit must be claimed directly by the learner within the specified time frame by texting their attendance from their mobile phone or using the Claim Credit Form available in the Rutgers CloudCME Attendee Portal for mobile app.

If a learner does not claim credit within the texting window, CCOE will add credit for individuals up to three sessions in the academic year (July – June). Requests to add credit must be submitted by the RSS Coordinator by completing the contact form below.

In the Name and Email field, the RSS Coordinator must enter their own name and email address. CCOE will not process requests received directly from the learner.

In the Message field, the RSS Coordinator must provide the following information:

  • Learner’s first and last name
  • Series name, e.g., Medicine Grand Rounds
  • Session date
  • Session child ID

Credit will be added by CCOE within one week. Messages missing any of the above information will not be processed.

Please note: Once the academic year concludes, CCOE will not accept any requests to add individuals who did not claim credit during the previous year.