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Please refer to the Activity Planning Form for a full description of your department’s responsibilities.

Planner Agreements

All planners must complete and sign the RSS Planner Agreement that was prepared for them by CCOE and attached to the RSS approval notification message. RSS Coordinators will forward each planner their agreement. Planners must return this agreement to the RSS Coordinator who will then forward all agreements at once to prior to the first session.

Dashboard Review

CCOE will only review sessions in CloudCME that have a status of “in review” (with the content uploaded) or “pending”. All sessions must be in “pending” status with the flyer/announcement uploaded at least three business days prior to the session date. If a session is pending less than three business days prior to a session, there is no guarantee of review.

CCOE will review “in review” and “pending” sessions in the RSS Dashboard Monday-Friday, 8:00am – 4:00pm. The dashboard will not be reviewed outside of this time. Sessions will not be reviewed or approved once the session begins.

Please remove canceled sessions from the RSS Dashboard on regular basis.

FY25 Announcement Template

Please use the FY25 announcement template. The template has been updated to reflect the new Rutgers Health branding. Please note: the accreditation and credit designation statements still include “Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences” as our accreditation is registered under our official name.

The approved flyer/announcement with the required CE information must be disseminated to the learners prior to the session, e.g., as an attachment to the meeting invitation.

FY25 Speaker Agreement Template

Please use the FY25 speaker agreement template. The template has been updated to reflect the new Rutgers Health branding.

Electronic signatures obtained using tools such as DocuSign or Adobe Sign, or a scanned or digitized image of a handwritten signature are permitted. Typed signatures will not be accepted.

In the Supporting Documentation section of the RSS Activity Editor Screen, please upload the signed Speaker Agreement(s) for the session. For tumor boards, case conferences, etc., where the same speaker presents multiple times during the year, please upload the signed Speaker Agreement that covers the entire series for the speaker’s fist session, Please review to page 10 of the Coordinator Training Manual.

Claiming Credit

Please periodically distribute to your participants the process for claiming credit and accessing their transcript.

If an individual does not claim credit within the texting window, CCOE will add credit for individuals for up to three sessions in the academic year (July-June). Requests to add credit must be submitted by the RSS coordinator (or Activity Director) by completing this form. Requests sent directly from the participant will not be accepted. Once the academic year concludes, CCOE will not accept any requests to add individuals who did not claim credit during the previous year.


Please do NOT submit support tickets to CloudCME.  Patrick Dwyer and Elizabeth Ward are your primary contacts for all things related to RSS.